Good Vibrations First Annual Amateur Erotic Film Competition

October 31, 2006

After a lot of planning, viewing, judging, and organizing Good Vibrations was excited to finally present its First Annual Amateur Erotic Film Competition at the Castro Theatre last night with amazing results. It was a wonderful event from start to finish filled with emerging filmmakers, industry professionals, and a huge crowd of anxiously awaiting fans. With a searchlight you could probably see from space and the always fashionable Miss Donna Sachet doing the red carpet interviews, the excitement was in the air (and probably smoldering in a few nether regions as well) as the crowds lined up down the block.


What I found so amazing was the unique perspective each film took under the “erotic” umbrella. We purposely left the focus of “what is erotic” to personal interpertation, since the whole point of an Amatuer Erotic contest was to let independent filmmakers explore their own concepts of eroticism in whatever forms they would take (provided of course that everyone involved was consenting and of legal age). We wanted people to explore and create the kind of films they thought were sexy and boy did we get an eyeful. Within the 7 films were huge contrasts both in focus such as masterbation, domination/submission, female ejaculation, swinging, etc. as well as the technical merits each film contained– using negative 16mm film, black and white, color, special effects, and so on. When we first decided to start this competition I thought that most of the submissions would be people with their handy cams, and while I’m sure those would have been fabulous as well, the production quality of the films we received just blew away my expectations. All the filmmakers should be really proud of their work, and if that wasn’t enough the cheers and applause of 1200 audience members should’t have felt too shabby either.

I’ll save my winner’s recap for another blog so the lucky fans going to see tonight’s screening at the Parkway Theater can work that anticipation up a little longer. It’s gonna be another wild night.


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